Roger Smith, LCSW, LLC - Geriatric Care Facility Mental Health Therapist
Our company is based on the belief that elevating quality of life is essential for our seniors living in nursing facilities. In many cases facility staff are not trained or simply do not have the time during the course of their regular duties to treat the emotional or mental health needs of residents. Our Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) therapists are credentialed by Medicare to provide professional services to their recipients. We are committed to meeting the comprehensive therapeutic needs of our clients on site in your nursing facility. As a result of our services (individual sessions provided in the facility) our clients improve in mood, relationships, and activity level.
Our Medicare Credentialed LCSWs provide a complete continuum of care that includes: evaluations, treatment planning, individual therapy, and facility staff consultation at no cost to the facility. Additionally, all LCSW service minutes can be captured on Medicare’s MDS program each month. Long-term therapy services consist of 20-30 minute individual sessions with each client twice weekly. Group sessions are available upon request. Qualified Social Work therapists are selected from the surrounding geographic area related to the location of each nursing facility. Cultural needs of both clients and facility staff are a high priority. With each new nursing facility, we search for an LCSW that is competent, credentialed, and a good fit to your facility. Engaging our services adds a valuable asset (LCSW) to your facility's professional staff at no cost. 
We would welcome the opportunity to work with your facility in delivering the highest quality mental health services in the industry. We are working to provide Medicare Credentialed, Licensed Clinical Social Worker therapy services at nursing facilities across the state of Louisiana.
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